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Then you've come to the right place. All of our osteopaths are registered ACC providers, which means ACC may contribute to the costs of your treatments.

  • We can register your injury claim directly with ACC
  • Create a tailored treatment plan
  • Provide exercise prescriptions
  • Imaging referrals
  • Specialist referrals
  • Liaise with your GP

If you've got an existing ACC injury claim, simply bring your claim form or claim number with you to your first treatment - no referral letters required.

An osteopath is an alternative health care and rehabilitation therapist who uses manual therapy techniques to improve the body's function and healing processes.

Despite the name "osteopath," what we do is not just about bones and joints! In fact, an osteopath mainly considers the circulatory function of the body- simply this is how well the blood, lymph, and neural impulses can flow around the body.

This is because an osteopath's intention is to aide the body's innate healing ability, and this requires optimal oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body via blood flow, adequate lymphatic drainage of toxins from tissues, and a functional "power supply" from the nervous system, in order to recover from injury and illness. Learn more