Elizabeth Missen
Massage Therapist 

Certified Massage & Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Instructor

Liz’s interest in Massage started in 2010 when she attended a night school class. She immediately developed a passion for helping people through massage and studied to gain a Certificate in Massage through the Waikato Institute of Technology in 2014.

Her practice has developed with her passion to learn and heal and see the benefits that massage can provide for others.

In an effort to forever improve her journey she studied Reiki and Kinesiology and has constantly had feedback that her Reiki skills can be felt through her massage. 

Liz’s massage will provide you with an overall therapeutic relaxing experience which she will tailor to your individual needs and level of what you require.

Liz is also a Yoga instructor and brings her yoga philosophies to her massage practice through an overall bodily health and wellness experience.

Elena Pulido
Massage Therapist 

Physiotherapy & Acupuncture (Spain), Yoga Instructor

Elena came to New Zealand, via France, from Spain after graduating as a Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist at the University of Seville.

Elena believes that our lifestyle has an enormous role in our health and an influence on how fast we recover from injuries and illnesses. At the same time, our body has an incredible capacity to heal itself. Elena see's manual therapy as a way to maintain or help our body when something gets out of balance.

As a Yoga teacher as well, Elena knows the importance of movement to maintain and recover the balance in our bodies. Although we often classify “massages” in categories such as relaxation, remedial, sports and so on… Elena doesn't describe her therapy in that way. The way she works is the result of a compendium of all the techniques that she has learned through studies and years of experience in different areas such as acupuncture, soft tissue, and joint manipulation, pressure points, joint mobilization, hot stones, lymphatic drainage, myofascial release and kinesiotaping.


The Team

Tessa Saraeva 
Osteopath - Master of Osteopathy; BAppS (Hum Biol) MOst (Hons),

Clinical Pilates Instructor

Tessa's passion for osteopathy started while working as an optician with clients suffering from serious head trauma. After observing significant improvements in quality of life for many of these clients thanks to osteopathic treatment, Tessa decided to study osteopathy herself. Since graduating, Tessa has worked with persons of all ages, from 3 days to 99 years of age. This experience has reinforced Tessa's belief that every treatment needs to be tailored to the individual, and she takes care to consider each client's lifestyle and their unique needs. 

Tessa practices using a mixture of structural, visceral and craniosacral techniques depending on what the individual requires. Tessa's education in clinical Pilates also allows her to prescribe exercise plans to accompany osteopathic treatment, and to create plans for exercise during pregnancy and after birth.

Outside of the clinic, Tessa can be found out mountain biking with her husband, practising Pilates, or at the cinema enjoying a good film.

Sarah Brown
Reception / Owner

Sarah has been greeting patient's at Mel's Clinic for over 5 years. She started at the clinic as the Receptionist, and eventually took over the practice in 2017.  Sarah enjoys meeting everyone that comes in to Mel's Clinic for a treatment, she can help you with ACC queries, as well as booking you in for your osteopathic and massage treatments .

Sarah loves working with her talented and highly skilled team of practitioners, keeping the machine "well oiled" with her admin support and creating a pleasant  environment for the team and their patients. 

To make a booking, or to talk to our admin team please call us on 07 846 7030.

Alternatively, you can also contact us via our facebook page, or email us on melsclinic@xtra.co.nz. 

Esme Michael-Anna
Osteopath - Master of Osteopathy;

BAppSc (Hum Biol) MOst

Esmé is a New Zealand trained osteopath, gaining a Master of Osteopathy through Unitec in Auckland.

Esmé listens carefully is friendly, approachable and committed to assisting you to achieve your best health.

Esmé first encountered osteopathy following a whiplash injury as a teenager and discovered first-hand how effective this type of treatment can be. Experience has given her confidence that the osteopathic whole-person approach delivers outstanding results for patients suffering from both acute and chronic conditions. She enjoys treating a wide variety of patients and tailors her approach to their specific needs using a broad range of techniques to facilitate healing. 

As well as being an osteopath, Esmé is a qualified and experienced massage therapist trained through the New Zealand College of Massage and brings years of body work experience to her practice.

Did you know...

We have a cancellation list.

If we are unable to offer you an appointment at your ideal time, we can add you to our cancellation list.

This is ideal if you are needing an urgent appointment, or maybe you need a time that works around office meetings etc.

Anyone can ask to go on the cancellation list, but we would also recommend you book an appointment, as we can’t guarantee that we will get a cancellation time that will suit you.