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Standard Treatment   $90

ACC Surcharge*         $50

All of our Osteopaths are registered with the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand,

and are ACC accredited providers.​

What does an osteopath do?
An osteopath is an alternative health care and rehabilitation therapist who uses manual therapy techniques to improve the body's function and healing processes.
Despite the name "osteopath," what we do is not just about bones and joints! In fact, an osteopath mainly considers the circulatory function of the body- simply this is how well the blood, lymph, and neural impulses can flow around the body. This is because an osteopath's intention is to aide the body's innate healing ability, and this requires optimal oxygen and nutrient delivery throughout the body via blood flow, adequate lymphatic drainage of toxins from tissues, and a functional "power supply" from the nervous system, in order to recover from injury and illness.

What can you expect during your visit?
The osteopath will begin by discussing your overall health, and will need to ask questions about both your current state of health and health history in order to determine whether all treatment techniques will be appropriate for you.
After this, the osteopath will perform a physical examination, assessing how you move, what movements cause discomfort, and observing for any asymmetries in joint mobility, and soft tissue texture and tension. This process involves active and passive movements so we advise you to wear thin, comfortable and flexible clothing to your appointment.
The osteopath will then move into treatment, under your informed consent, using osteopathic manipulative and soft tissue techniques to alleviate muscle tension, release joint restrictions and improve overall circulation. In some cases, you may be recommended home-based exercises to further progress the rehabilitation and healing process.

Who can see an osteopath?
Anyone! At Mel's Clinic we have osteopaths who treat all ages, from new born to the elderly and everyone in between. Young children and infants can be booked in with our osteopaths who have completed training in paediatric health (including retained reflexes) and paediatric osteopathy. If you are unsure whether osteopathy is right for you, feel free to get in touch with us via phone or email with your queries.

Cancellation Policy

Minimum of 24 hours' notice is required for appointment cancellations. Failure to advise within the required time frame will result in a standard fee being charged.

Policy for Treating Minors
In order to ensure patient safety, all patients under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver at all appointments. This is part of our duty of care as per the guidelines set by the Osteopathic Council of New Zealand.

*ACC surcharge is based on ACC approval. 

In the event that ACC declines an injury claim, the patient is responsible for paying  any additional costs for treatments.

Internet banking payments: 03-1558-0416333-00,  Mel's Clinic Limited

Please use your name and date of treatment as the reference.